vrijdag 23 januari 2015

Birnam Wood – Birnam Wood

Birnam Wood – Birnam Wood
Self Released – 2014
Doom, Stoner and some more Doom
Rated: ****

I presume the band are named after the Birnam Wood as foretold by the witches prophecy in Macbeth. If so, the name suits very well as the music conjures up images of despair, suffering and atmospheric dread. But fear not, the lashings of fuzz used will still get the stiffest of heads nodding. Sounding like the missing link between Sabbath and Sleep, what you get is a shit load of riff worship that mixes evil psychedelic bad vibes with heavy groove and tunes that make you realise how redundant so many of the current ‘retro’ bands really are. I do not want to listen to something that sounds like the last 20 years of music have not happened. Birnam Wood are influenced by the greats from before but infuse it with punk attitude, the joyfulness of stoner swagger and the modern, dark take on doom. Give this a listen and you will not be disappointed.

(Written by Tony)

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