dinsdag 2 december 2014

Olmeg – Primordial Soup

Olmeg – Primordial Soup
Self released – 2014
Rock, Stoner, Psych, Sludge
Rated: ****

Here we are again in that lovely town of Melbourne, Australia and are enjoying the elemental sounds of three brethren named Olmeg. And you can see them moving on the sidewalks over there. Reflected in the narrow shop window you notice their perhaps rather pale and heavy-eyed reflections. For it is not A groove they are looking for – they want all the groove, and will continue to seek around them and explore every avenue, one by one… Formed on a hot summer evening in 2011 these cats incorporate enough muddy sounds to make the psychedelic stoner compositions on their second album Primordial Soup turn sludgy whenever they slow down. And then opt to aim for the cosmos with supreme instrumental goodness. It never becomes too weird or freaky, but it is always out there, on the edge, where the recluses reside and where the original current of the Great Magnet flows steadfast. And these cats tapped into the mainline to produce something delicious. Yes. They see too deep and too much. They are outsiders. And this is a broth for Barbusse and all who understand his search…

(Written by JK)

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