woensdag 3 december 2014

Odota – Fever Marshal

Odota – Fever Marshal
Self released – 2014
Metal, Black, Drone, Doom, Psych
Rated: **

Back in 2013 Matt wrote a damn fine review about the Scaled album by the Estonian outfit Talbot. Not long after member Jarmo Nuutre left the band and started his own solo-project called Odota. With it he now delivers his first release Fever Marshal. It is an all-out black metal assault on the senses. Droning in delivery, bleak and sinister as a shade. In fact, there is no color here. There is only the pitch-black mass and it swirls and swallows you whole. With electronic and industrial influences these seven metal tracks never once let you off the hook. There is no hope here and the growling evil voice tells you this over and over…

(Written by JK)

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