zaterdag 20 december 2014

Number 13

Number 13

“Aichinger is a wine producer in Upper Austria and is slowly branching out. This wheat malt was matured for 13 years in Barrique casks. Giving it a lovely purple tint.  This exotic combination results in an extraordinary Whisky from Hilkering in Austria.”

Eight points above Monolord the well deserved Number 14 we find one of the godfathers. One of the true legends of this music we all love so dearly. It is an album that tries to bring out this voice of the desert in all its glory but does not forget to also make room for true heaviness, grand riffs and sandy grooves. Simply put, the album is brilliant and hits you like a desert thunderstorm. One of those moments where the horizon suddenly turns black and the ground shakes violently due to the sonic boom far away. And it ends with a beautiful song started, back then in 1998, or perhaps even earlier, and sounds like the clear sky after the storm passes and the rain on the ground starts to vaporize…

John Garcia – John Garcia

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