donderdag 4 december 2014

Buffalo Crows – Primitive Grind

Buffalo Crows – Primitive Grind
Buffalo Rising Music – 2014
Rock, Hard, Pub, Stoner, Blues
Rated: ****

Another Aussie band today. And one that not just incorporates all those styles we love around the HiVe. No, they also pay homage to the very core of that typical Australian heritage: pub rock. Buffalo Crows is a heavy motoring hard rock band that has released one hell of a sophomore album. Cause Primitive Grind indeed grinds its way into your brain from those first pummeling drum, howling guitars and growling shouts. A gigantic leap forward from their debut album Black Tooth Grin released last year; this is soulful and bluesy heaviness that has a lot of Motörhead in it but goes much wider in the aim guitars and some of the compositions. Cause there are those slower, subdued, hallowed moments that sound much more Americana then the rock ‘n roll ferociousness that is the rest. And with those gradual escapades they tap into something mystical and wonderful. Just a delightful as the guitar is across the board and the masterful drum work! Buffalo Crows, grandiose without any pretention and with only one guideline: play it loud!

(Written by JK)

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