donderdag 4 december 2014

Bretus – The Shadow Over Innsmouth

Bretus – The Shadow Over Innsmouth
BloodRock – 2014
Rock, Doom
Rated: ***

Sounding highly obscure and occult, from the first notes to the last dying note. We are transported to a coastal village, underground caverns and inner city caves filled with ritualistic objects and curdled bloodstains. It is the new album The Shadow Over Innsmouth by Italian doom outfit Bretus and it’s a righteous Lovecraft trip. For it is an album based on the story by H.P. And you can easily envision yourself dwelling under the streets of the fabled city; or watching the sea pound on its coast. And it seems the compositions and instrumentation are all working together to tell its mad tale. It sounds elaborate and at the same time the mix comes across thin; which adds to the charm and the transparency. And it is this mixture and the expert use of tones that mirror the story being told. And with that, it seals our fate. We are all destined to become one of those marine creatures…

(Written by JK)

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