zaterdag 13 december 2014

And so it begins… The Stoner HiVe top 20 countdown of 2014

The Stoner HiVe top 20 countdown of 2014 

And so it begins…

We have passed the 20:00 CET deadline on December the 12th of this musically stupendous year of 2014 many hours ago. But due to the many lists sent in the final moments it took longer to compute everything. So many great albums have been released that it once again made a lot of the list jump around like a mad kangaroo with some kind of weird flue. In the top though, things got pretty steady, pretty quick. Do you want to wager who wins? Nah, let’s just wait till December 31st to see who it is! It has once again been amazing to see the level of commitment of all you lovely freaks out there. And we received no less than 86 lists this year! Some of you sent a one album list; some three, some more, a few entered the exact twenty and a few went as far as detailing no less than a hundred or even a hundred and fifty one albums. Crazy bastards! Crazy… But that’s how it goes…

So… without further ado… We give you Number TWENTY. 

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