vrijdag 31 oktober 2014

Von Durden – III

Von Durden – III
VVEGA records/PIAS
Rock, Pop, Electro, Stoner
Rated: ***

Von Durden is still made up out of five crazy Belgians nowadays. It’s always good to check since they changed shaped a color a lot with their first release Death Discotheque from 2010 and Dandy Animals from 2012. But wait, two left and two new members came. Fabrice Giacinto from Romano Nervoso and Marie Delsaux aka Gladys have joined this fun lovin bunch of freaks. Well, on their third album aptly named III they still dance and rock out like they did on that second album. Moving further away from Queens of The Stone Age towards a sound that De Staat captured on Machinery and even more on I_Con. This is made to move and sway to and once every so often to jump around to. But also to dance, motherfucker. It’s a party. But that’s not really doing the album enough justice; cause there are more layers. And those layers are crazy with catchy meanderings and trickster trappings. And then on the occasion you want it the most there is this raw little edge; and always, yes always, feverous energy and frantic enthusiasm! Always on the very edge of exploding! 'Three minutes. This is it. Ground zero. Do you want to say a few words to mark the occasion?'

(Written by JK)

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