woensdag 8 oktober 2014

The Hyle – Demo

The Hyle – Demo
Self released – 2014
Rock, Doom
Rated: ***

The mysterious band hailing from Denmark who goes by the name of The Hyle has released its first two track four part nameless demo. Faceless they move through the woods looking for the cosmic harmony that Robert Fludd talked about and with a maddening zeal they search for the divine monochord. This occult and esoteric approach to their doom rings through as the hollow voices spirit you away through the fog. For almost thirty minutes you are in another world. One that is darker and full of terror. This is doom as doom is meant ot be. The slow steady march around a bubbling cauldron or towards a fire pit full of bodies and blood. And the vocals offset the evil sounding lo-fi trek towards the inevitable end to such a perfect degree that the music becomes hallowed and sacred. So poor yourself some ruby red wine in a chalice, put your hooded habit on and join in on the march. It is your destiny…

(Written by JK)

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