zaterdag 11 oktober 2014

The Good Hand – Atman

The Good Hand – Atman
Minstrel Music – 2014
Rock, Psych, Prog, Seventies
Rated: ****

Their self-titled debut album from 2011 has for some weird and possibly diabolical reason completely escaped my attention. But luckily the new one called Atman has not. We are talking about the trio hailing from towns bordering the lakes of the Netherlands called The Good Hand. They play earthy and windy rock music that energizes and sooths the spirit. They move somewhere in the vicinity of bands like Motorpsycho and Black Mountain but also towards the great ones from the seventies. But above all they also pronounce loudly to the world that they are The Good Hand and they want to shake your bones. Musically divers and with exotic elements like tuba and bouzouki they warm the soul and tickle your heart. They do this to with the lyrics that are highly philosophical and might even evoke some thoughts and pondering on the listeners’ part. It is the glue that holds this album together. For here and there they seem to take a musical side step that sometimes feels awkward but those moments are offset with flashes of brilliance and bliss. And perhaps the instants that seem like a stumble are actually the acrobatic stunts we will love later on; on this magical album…

(Written by JK)

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