donderdag 30 oktober 2014

Scott Walker & Sunn 0)) – Soused

Scott Walker & Sunn 0)) – Soused
Beggars/4AD – 2014
Rock, Pop, Ambient, Noise, Drone, Doom
Rated: ***

What a possibly brilliant or 'highly unlikely' combination or perhaps even completely logical. The honorable Mr. Scott Walker and the drone metal masters of Sunn 0)). We love Walker for his meanderings on the edge, his walk on the fringes of rock. But to combine that heavy abstract side with the slow dragging monotonous drone of Sunn 0)) seems like an even wilder and more dangerous endeavor than Metallica and Lou Reed. But we are in luck. It is not as horrible as Lulu turned out to be. In fact, there are moments when the match becomes a heavenly blend of extraordinary weirdness. And whether you’d like it or not; you will get sucked into their ominous and dark universe. A world filled with fear and loathing, with black hearts and oppressive atmospheres. You are not just being Soused into submission but truly walloped. And still this beating is well dosed and you imagine yourself being able to take a tiny bit more before you would have died from the pain and exhaustion. And then there are those miniature inflaming sparks of identity, the ones that whip you into an unholy frenzy. It will leave you hearing bells…

(Written by JK)

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