dinsdag 14 oktober 2014

Prehistoric Pigs & Electric Taurus – Split

Prehistoric Pigs & Electric Taurus – Split
Go Down Records – 2014
Rock, Stoner, Psych, Doom, Blues
Rated: *****

The split-hoofed beasts are running wild. Whether they’d be Prehistoric or Electric they don’t care. They look you square in the eye before they charge at you and trample you whole. The split released on Go Down Records featuring the Irish three-piece Electric Taurus and the Italian trio Prehistoric Pigs is a match made in fuzzed out heaven. It starts off with a rumbling track by the Dublin Taurus who implored the exciting vocals from Barbara "Babz" Allen of Irish blues rock titans Crafty Fuzz for this output. It roars with prehistoric thunder and it perfects all that goodness they displayed on their 2012 album Veneralia. The 16-minute track is simply of epic proportions and demonstrates once again that the boys have a firm grasp on legendary songwriting craftsmanship. This track is filled to the rim with psychedelic layers, mind altering guitars, massive bass work and expert drumming. And let’s hope they will implore the help of Babz more often in the future; what a combination! And then there are the pigs! Who are simply electric and let us know that they too have improved since their debut Wormhole Generation from 2012. The seminal stoner we were treated to back then is now completed with something much more honest, laidback, spacey and gigantic. Especially on the explosions during the first track The Perfection of Wisdom. Their second one 79360 Sila-Numam, goes for the psychedelic gusto with absolute stomping bangs, bursts and blasts. Amazing split by the creatures who are no longer equal to us men… They are better!

(Written by JK)

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