zaterdag 4 oktober 2014

Fu Manchu – Live at the O2, Islington, London

Fu Manchu – Live at the O2, Islington, London
24th September 2014

Looking like grizzled viking surfers, Fu Manchu hit the stage with an almighty rendition of “Eatin’ Dust” and immediately showed their intent of bringing the desert sounds to grey London. The sound was immense, with a skilfully balanced PA split for the guitars meaning that rarest of rare events – I could hear every member of the band perfectly. A trio of new songs from “Gigantoid” followed and proved that their songwriting is as strong as ever as they slotted in like old friends. The guys were on fire and really seemed to be enjoying themselves. Going back as far as “In Search Of”  (1996) to the new album gave the set a really powerful flow which just rocked. Heads nodding, fists pumping and drinks raised to the roof showed how much people were enjoying this. Relentless playing, razor sharp solos, laconic vocals and steamroller riffs gave this night a special feel. This was me first time in seeing these guys and I will now make sure to see them again when they hit these shores.

(Written by Tony)

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