donderdag 16 oktober 2014

Clouds Taste Satanic – To Sleep Beyond The Earth

Clouds Taste Satanic – To Sleep Beyond The Earth
Kinda Like Music/Self released – 2014
Doom, Metal, Rock, Stoner, Instrumental
Rated: ****

They hail from the dark and twisted streets of New York and have managed to produce a tone heavy instrumental march that rivals those legendary doom records of yore. We are talking about the enigmatic Clouds Taste Satanic. They have been playing together for two years and it is their debut release under this moniker and with it they firmly stamp their name on the foul tasting vaporous doom we all love to sample till we fall down in a delirious slumber. The album called To Sleep Beyond The Earth is comprised out of two, two-part tracks that both last over twenty-two minutes. And both of them seem to combine to some degree the bands the album-title achieves to hint at. It is distorted and it brings forth the memories of Dopesmoker. But it is the obvious difference that brings light to the artists behind the composition and highlights the fact that they evoke a completely different atmosphere. Lighter to some degree and with more air to breathe. Although we must concede; once a church bell is rung; things can only get evil and dangerous. Which it does! This nouveau quartet heralds the coming of something malevolent. It is on its way.  Something not of this world and before time. And it will be here before the end of day…

(Written by JK)

Ps. And the vinyl is release is a true work of art. Limited to 300 copies, pressed on burgundy/plum (purple) marbled 150-gram vinyl. Gatefold sleeve.

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