donderdag 23 oktober 2014

Black State Highway – Black State Highway

Black State Highway – Black State Highway
Cherry Red – 2014
Rock, Hard, Classic
Rated: ***

How many bands from Latvia can you name? Vocalist Liva Steinberga must have thought something along those lines when she decided to move to England to try her luck in rock. Latvia apparently is not the most promising of nations when one wants to earn a living with music. So somewhere around Brighton she got together with a few other freaks. One from Sweden, another from Scotland and the drummer from England. Together they formed a band whose names and deeds who be retold throughout history, the knights of the… Oh shit, sorry about, flashback to a movie there. No the youth named themselves Black State Highway and their aim is clearly to produce classic golden hard rock albums. Great penmanship that get its colors from a throbbing bass, perfect drums and guitars that are loud and screamy. Just as the singer; cause Liva can damn well give you a heart attack with her screeches and screams. This is one hell of a highway!

(Written by JK)

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