zaterdag 30 augustus 2014

On Top – Top To Bottom

On Top – Top To Bottom
HPGD Productions – 2014
Rock, Hard, Metal, Punk
Rated: ****

Something sleazy and dirty comes our way. Sounding like the best from the eighties but more like rambunctious hardrock from present day. They pretend to be really dodgy and seedy and surely have something sordid and gritty in their dna. But can just as easily be appreciated like a fine wine cabernet. Sorry, I went a bit overboard again. But that is the tendency when you’re listening to the Pennsylvanian trio On Top and have their cover art in front of you. Their high energy raunchy hard rock moves towards Turbonegro on some moments, Nashville Pussy on others or towards something straight out of the dirty underbelly of LA. With damn fine kick in the nuts drumwork and powerbass rumble and rolls it is the guitar that does most of the talking. The new kid in town, guitarist Brian Davis fills the shoes of Alex Kulick to an excellent degree. And then there are the swaggering screams and hardcore style shouts which are simply inciting and contagious. With their four track EP Top To Bottom, On Top have delivered their best recording to date. But you need to see them live to truly be buried beneath this full frontal fun party force!

(Written by JK)

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