dinsdag 12 augustus 2014

Craneón – Hacia el Sol

Craneón – Hacia el Sol
Anomia – 2014
Rock, Hard, Stoner
Rated: ****

These three amigos from Madrid have gone through many line-up changes ever since the foundation was laid in 2006. After a few demo’s and an EP called Avanza in 2012 the power trio named Cranéon has finally released their full-sized debut: Hacia el Sol. And it is one hell of a killer ride. Influenced by heavy seventies and alternative nineties the twelve tracks just drive and speed and move through a varied landscape filled with towering drums and soaring guitars. And the boys add enough blues, classic elements, psychedelics and touches of Spanish passion to turn those scenes into something, wild, wonderful and ecstatic. And then when the horizon comes into view and Depresa starts its engine you hear the vocals and trumpet craziness of El Pastuso from ¡Pendejo!. Which just puts another layer of icing on already incredible cake. Cranéon is one hell of beast! Un gran gran monstruo! Monstroso!!!

(Written by JK)

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