woensdag 30 juli 2014

Wo Fat – The Conjuring

Wo Fat – The Conjuring
Small Stone Records – 2014
Stoner, Heavy Rock, Psych, Fuzz
Rated: *****

A Love Letter.

Dear Wo Fat,

These are hard words to say but I have betrayed you. “The Conjuring” is your 5th album and as always it fucking rocks …. But I said that with all your other albums as well. I would start off with all the best intentions, playing it to death, telling other people about how great it sounded and all of a sudden, my loyalties would slowly drift over to the new Earthless album or maybe “Crack the Skye” and my love and devotion would fade away until you were just a fond memory that made me feel guilty now and then but could be pushed back down into my locked box of feelings. We have laughed, cried, drank beer together and told each other that we will always be together but I have broken that vow. I think the problem is that every album is just so damn good, I have been taking you for granted. No running around, waving the album cover in the air because let’s face it, your excellence is now a benchmark for riff-madness and it is what I expect from you. Guys, I can change – please give me another chance and let me prove I can be faithful to you. No longer will I forget your rich legacy but will shout from the rooftops how your latest masterpiece is laden with heavy, sonic slabs of fuzzed out stoner riffs that make my head nod uncontrollably and mixed with the solid psychedelic freak-outs, gives me an almost religious high of aural worship. Wo Fat, take me back, I have learnt from my mistakes and I will never abandon you again ……… or at least not until the new Electric Wizard or Yob albums drop into my lap!

Tony xxxxxxxx

(Written by Tony)

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  1. Excellent anti Dear John letter sir. This is a special band, 5 albums in, all killer and no filler. Lovely people too, and truly excellent live. Plus, I got a mention on the slleve notes of this one, so it definitely rules :)

  2. Love the band as well! And like Dan said, excellent live! ;)

    And now that we know Dan is on the sleeve we need to get our hands on their vinyl...


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