dinsdag 29 juli 2014

Van Cleef Continental – Cleefhangers

Van Cleef Continental – Cleefhangers
Wannaboo – 2014
Rock, Stoner
Rated: ***

Andrea van Cleef, released a damn fine solo effort in 2012 named Sundog. But he has been making appearances all around the globe since way back in 1998 when he started out in a dark alternative rock band called The Bogartz. We heard him in garage punk band The Jones Bones and in experimental effort Brother K. But also as part of Vic Du Monte’s very own band of brothers. And in October he returns with a second album Unda Maris for his very own outfit: Van Cleef Continental. But as a prelude to that release we are now treated to a four track EP Cleefhangers. Four colorful and harmonious songs that simply warm the soul and send forth the summer glow. It is the outskirts of the desert and the southern accents that permeate this release. Even though there are heavy guitars; rumbling basses and expert drumming; it is the songwriting and the simple rock essence that take center stage. Lifting ones spirit and sending out a definite need to hit the road like a southern gentleman. So don’t let the first stoner and fuzz track Drive throw you off balance, or the absolute stomping beginnings of the second track Sanctuary II: this is quiet rock music for the golden hour and everywhere where the horizon seems endless…

(Written by JK)




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