vrijdag 18 juli 2014

Pantano – Resistencia y Viaje

Pantano – Resistencia y Viaje
Self released – 2014
Doom, Stoner, Fuzz Overload
Rated: *****

Hailing from Chile, Pantano – which translates into “Swamp” – have produced a fourth album of heaviness and groove that just demands that heads nod and fists pump. The first thing that hits you on Resistencia y Viaje is how thick all the tones are - no tinny or fizzy instruments – everything sounds massive and powerful, for me this is exactly how stoner doom should sound. These guys have taken Fu Manchu, Electric Wizard and of course Sabbath and added their own melting pot of fuzzed, hypnotic riffs – gruff, anguished drenched vocals and huge sounding wah-wah leads that just sound great. You get the sense of guys just playing for the hell of it – no plan to stick to a formula – if the riff sounds heavy and righteous, just play it loud regardless of speed or styles. No drawn out passages that try your patience here. With nothing over 5 minutes in length, you can hear the rush to get to the end so they can play another one. We have slowed down fuzz blues rubbing shoulders with Motörhead type monster foot stompers with a bit of punk attitude to spice things up. For me though, the icing on the cake is the distorted, screaming solos that assault your eardrums. What is up with the “new” doom bands that do not indulge in axe shredding? I wanna hear some Iommi worship! While Pantano have not re-invented the wheel, what they do offer is a superb album of songs that I have found myself playing again and again. Stop reading and get downloading – ‘cause the band are cool dudes, it is pay what you want.

(Written by Tony)

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