woensdag 16 juli 2014

Heralding a new member to the team: Tony Maim

Heralding a new member to the team: Tony Maim

We are sad that Tony Maim has decided to turn down the laughter on his very own and awesome outlet Black Insect Laughter. It will not die down though; sudden bursts of brilliance will continue to appear now and again and once every so often and he will put up a list of his most listened records. And ofcourse we will still be treated to new music from his damn fine Zeppheroin project and apparently there are some other collaboration projects in the work as well. But we are also honored and happy to announce that the man will produce some words of wisdom for the HiVe. He will write about whatever and whenever he feels like and they will keep stinging, stunning and plaguing your mind like the Black Insect Laughter always did! We thank Tony for all his work and energy he put in there and we thank him for wanting to deliver something for us now and again… He is a damn fine madman and he is always right… And we love to be wrong here! Welcome amigo!

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  1. Great to see Tony turning up after the demise of the much-missed Black Insect Laughter.