dinsdag 29 juli 2014

Acid Elephant – Star Collider

Acid Elephant – Star Collider
Kiarama Records – 2013
Rock, Stoner, Space, Psych, Drone
Rated: ***

Plagued with many line-up changes and health issues these lumbering giants who hail from that lovely town of Pori in Finland, home to a great and lovely jazz festival, have a resolve to keep trekking, always further and always harder. As a result the Acid Elephant released its fourth effort (counting EP’s and live albums) Star Collider at the tail end of 2013. Which starts of as a definite march and stomping saunter on the first two tracks. Las Noches Del Desierto and Red Carpet Lane have you loving these beasts instantly and wanting to stroke them. Repeatedly. After which the free form psychedelic space rock takes over. It is their natural state. The electric meditational swamp that drags you down and has you fighting for air. It washes over you in great waves of melancholia and loss and has you aching for relieve and respite. It unfortunately only partially arrives. Which leaves you standing around like a lonely elephant; which can’t remember when the party stopped and why he’s crying. Psychedelic drugs can do that to a beast. But during the fourth track Godmason you start to wonder if the experiment has gone too far. And even though these final three tracks, lasting almost fifty minutes, do have some interesting moments; they can never even come close to those first two songs. Star Collider explodes during those first fifteen minutes and the rest seems like an endless void. Which is no place for an elephant…

(Written by JK)

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