donderdag 12 juni 2014

Zeppheroin – Methadone Jesus

Zeppheroin – Methadone Jesus
Self released – 2014
Rock, Punk, Wave, Doom
Rated: ***

On the Ginsberg inspired EP Howl; madman Tony Maim, who works magic on his own Black Insect Laughter blog, introduced me to his musical outlet Zeppheroin. He already had two earlier outputs named Naked Lunch and The Atrocity Exhibition and now hits us with a new full-sized fourth release named Methadone Jesus. A Subutex ridden preacher screeching and blaring as a steady beat with a dark wave atmosphere scorches the sky above. There is no place for hope or anything that even resembles a glint of green light on the horizon. No, this is new wave doom for the dirty, the down and the gloomy and there shall be no refuge in this unholy church of distortion. It rips the needle out of your arm and fingers the little hole while chuckling a mean laugh that sends shivers up your spine. This is not meant for fun, pleasure or relaxation. Escapism? Music for a million screaming junkies? Perhaps. But probably not. It only serves as some obscure function of orientation for a lost soul in a maddening world; like a bat’s squeak… So gather 'round all ye lost souls, we friends, yes?

(Written by JK)

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