dinsdag 24 juni 2014

Peter Pan Speedrock – Buckle Up and Shove It!

Peter Pan Speedrock – Buckle Up and Shove It!
Suburban/SPV – 2014
Rock, Hard, Punk, Metal
Rated: ****

As the boys are also preparing to release a first effort with their new outlet Four Headed Dog; one could fear that their prime incarnation would suffer. Luckily; this is not the case. On Buckle Up and Shove It! their new album, the boys from Peter Pan Speedrock go for the gusto once again! Written and recorded in their new studio, which they build with their very own hands, the record is chuck full of raw and nasty heavy hitters. And they still do whatever they very well feel like doing and that’s exactly what they’re best at. The only minor difference with earlier releases is perhaps the tempo. A bit more subdued, a bit slower. A bit. A tiny bit. But the speedrock moniker is still called for and if nothing else; the reduced tempo seems to make the band even more of a monster and even heavier. And then there are the cover versions of New Rose (The Damned) and Heart Full Of Soul (The Yardbirds) which are wickedly done and insanely good. The last one featuring guest vocals by Mark Phillips from Demented Are Go. Aah yes, a new Peter Pan Speedrock, time to get loud, hard and angry. And enjoy the hell out of every crazy little thing you do!

(Written by JK)

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