vrijdag 2 mei 2014

Telepathy – 12 Areas

Telepathy – 12 Areas
Devouter Records – 2014
Metal, Sludge, Tech, Post, Instrumental
Rated: ****

We mentioned the Colchester boys from Telepathy during a Quick Fire Friday segment a while back when they released their first single Cystine Knot from their upcoming new album which soon would appear. Well, it is here and it’s one hell of a kraken! 12 Areas as it is called throws you off balance from the first intro track Hypnos and leaves you dangling like a hangman. The icy blue glow that permeates their technical sludge metal extravaganza has you shivering with euphoric hypothermia and the battering of the drums almost breaks your brittle bones. But it is the pattern changes that scatter like breaking ice shelves that has you growing warm inside. Their sound is more massive than that of the big Bloop; and their prowess seems perfectly normal if you already know Fracture, their earlier work from 2011. But is in fact something extraordinary, forceful and passionate. One could imagine the entire album being the soundtrack underneath a scary doomed nature movie about the end of the arctic ice. But instead of constantly breaking and melting; parts would blow up and explode and rain down it large chunks. Indeed, Telepathy has delivered an album that can set the world ablaze and drown it at the exact same time… 

(Written by JK)

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