vrijdag 30 mei 2014

Stoner HiVe’s Quick Fire Friday

Stoner HiVe’s Quick Fire Friday

It's Friday, and this day will end soon enough; although we hope the night with last a damn long time and the drinks will be free! The Stoner HiVe Quick Fire Friday segment is a weekly feature of a handful of bands and only a small amount of words to help spread their musical prowess and our melodic belief… 

Charming Timur - A Brief Moment Of Existence

One man black metal screamo from Finland. Lauri Santeri Lohi is the man behind this project called Charming Timur and clearly shows signs of a degenerate mind that is plagued by ocd and adhd. A deadly combination to say the least. But anyone looking for a sonic disembowelment or with a definite yearning to feel like a plane crash survivor in the arctic… You’ve come to the right place…

Deathkings – Martyrs (Vol.I)

The Los Angeles quartet Deathkings released their Destroyer album back in 2011 as three long tracks that went straight through your heart like a battering ram from hell. It is now getting a re-release with all of the ideas divided and worked out. Still incredibly fuzzy, grimy and like sledgehammers to your face; but better and more complete! Check out their first song Martyrs (Vol.I) on Soundcloud!

Dumbsaint – Disappearance in a minor role: Part II: Sara

Part III was released before Part II and The Auteur came before that. And before that the Sydney based instrumental effort Dumbsaint was only a trio and released Something That You Feel Will Find Its Own Form. That was way back in 2012 and the cinematographers have now taken on a visual life of its own; with music being a very important part to their journey. So check out Part II or Part II or The Auteur and get hypnotized by the music and mesmerized by the imagery!

The Men – Pearly Gates

Their ramshackle psychedelic punk garage transports you straight back to the sixties when Dylan was hypnotic, The Doors mesmerizing and the Stones could actually wreck a stage. And the seventies video that accompanies the Pearly Gates single stemming from their album Tomorrow’s Hits, hits the right spot like an accomplished gigolo. Or check out The Men when they do their shit live and get freaky!

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