donderdag 15 mei 2014

Red Huxley – Nothing More

Red Huxley – Nothing More
Self released – 2013
Rock, Blues, Desert, Americana
Rated: ***

For those of you who like me adore Mr. Catching and the Rancho De La Luna studio which is becoming more famous by the day know the story of the African trio Red Huxley. Formed in the year of our lord 2009 the boys quickly released a first EP and followed that up with the My Own Way EP in 2012. The story gets wild, crazy and amazing after that. The Cape Town rockers, thanks to a simple phone call, manage to sneak their way backstage after an Eagles Of Death Metal concert and hand Mr. Catching their music. Not knowing if anything will ever come from this they truck on in their rehearsal space. But Mr. Catching calls and asks them to record their debut album in Rancho De La Luna. So they start a Kickstarter campaign and actually raise the dough so they can head on over to Palm Desert. There they spend two weeks at the Rancho and record the eleven tracks on their full-sized debut named Nothing More. It’s a rocky blues album with twitches of Americana and an extremely open spaced atmosphere. Think of a mix of Black Keys, Foo Fighters, Audioslave, Masters of Reality and Queens of The Stone Age; but without ever sounding like them for more than a couple of seconds. They have managed to capture the essence of what makes those bands sound like they do and transformed it into something lighter, sandier, earthier and simpler. Perhaps it’s their laidback African spirit but it manages to induce a tranquil state of peace and the knowledge that all and everyone is connected in some way. And then the boys really pick up steam at the end of the record with great tracks like Black Hole Waiting, Out Of Time and Coming Home. Indeed; Good ol’ fashioned rock ‘n roll; something to drink good beer to and laugh as the sun sets and the mosquitos come out to play…

(Written by JK)

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