donderdag 15 mei 2014

Dewolff – Grand Southern Electric

Dewolff – Grand Southern Electric
PIAS/Rough Trade – 2014
Rock, Blues, Garage, Psych
Rated: *****

Moving ever forward towards the great musical past, getting richer by the album and deeper in shades of soul and grander in gestures the Limburg, Dutch trio Dewolff has managed to also do the other thing all at once on their fifth album Grand Southern Electric. Cause even though their sound is bigger and better; it is also stripped down and simpler. The boys moved towards the Valdosta, Georgia in the United States to record the album with Black Keys producer Mark Neill. Which is audible in the way the voice of singer/guitar player Pablo van de Poel moves, changes color and finally dares to sing; but also in the way the rhythms and drums play with that honkytonk and country trek through the wide spaces. Their very own psychedelic past grows thinner on this one and only shines through on certain tracks. Indeed; the trio has gone the way of the blues, garage and Americana and do this with a feverous intensity. The entire album just compels you to jump on board on the Dewolff train and not even feel like waving goodbye as you pick up speed and leave the station, heading south towards a future that seems filled with the great American music that’s inspired by Leon Russell, The Band and Neil Young. Much lighter and filled with fun; Grand Southern Electric is the train you want to jump on!

(Written by JK)

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