woensdag 21 mei 2014

Dario Mars and the Guillotines - Black Soul

Dario Mars and the Guillotines - Black Soul
Ván – 2014
Rock, Psych, Sixties, Seventies, Surf, Soul
Rated: ****

Did you ever wish you woke up still drunk on the bar of the Titty Twister and not your local hangout? Have you ever longed for even more dangerous and dark drinking holes where the beer tasted like mescal and looked like it too.  Where the old wrestler type lady behind the bar could just as easily be a dude and the entire night you’re there she never once lights up a new cigar stump. And something perilous and shady drifts through the air. Well, give the album Black Soul by Dario Mars and The Guillotines a listen and you’ll be right there before the second track starts. The record works as a perfect soundtrack to one of those crazy nights; a movie never made by Tarantino or someone else for that matter. Rattling sixties and seventies mixed with surf influences and dark dark dark soul. It burns a hole right through your wrist and puts the whisky in yer belly in flames. And the man behind it all is Renaud Mayeur who you might know from his little stint with Triggerfinger when he fell in for van Bruystegem. Or from his own damn fine rock outfit Hulk (Or Hulkk) with whom he recorded in Rancho De La Luna or from the equally amazing Les Anges or the stunning La Muerte. Yes, he is a busy little fucker and with Dario Mars he has produced an excellent psychedelic film noir extravaganza that is as sinister as it is mysterious. So put yer head on the chopping block and get wicked!

(Written by JK)


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