zondag 27 april 2014

Wolfskop – Wolfskop EP

Wolfskop – Wolfskop EP
Lighttown Fidelity – 2014
Rock, Alternative, Stoner
Rated: ****
Three former members of the Eindhoven formation The Goods have returned to the nest and renamed it Wolfskop (Wolf’s head). When the band dissolved six years ago they all created their own routes. One of them joined Gods Monkey and another Komatsu, while singer/guitarist Daan Koch travelled the world and stuck his dirty fingers in a lot of musical education cakes. And when the songs started coming back to him he could only envision playing them with his former buddies. One call was all it took and drummer Marcin Hurkmans from The Risque jumped at the opportunity to join up. Together they now produced a six tracks strong EP that ofcourse has influences that remind of the bands we all mentioned and the others they played in like The Spades and Stereos. But it also sails a distinctively own course; a much more laidback or perhaps less punky approach to everything heavy and still be chuck full of grit. Sure it’s alternative rock with a stoner spirit; but none is ever overly prevalent. It is however fierce and rambunctious rock that changes color when you least expect it. Intense rhythms delivered by an expert section and tasty guitars topped off by damn fine vocals. Not long now before we all turn into peacocks; with a Wolfskop…
(Written by JK)

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