maandag 14 april 2014

The Whocares – Now In Full Stereo

The Whocares – Now In Full Stereo
Self released – 2014
Rock, Speed, Punk
Rated: ****
The Belgian five piece The Whocares first stomped on the terra around 2001. It was an alcohol-fueled summer that started their ugly business. A few EP’s, splits and compilations later we arrive at the proud release of their actual full-sized debut album, nicely titled: Now In Full Stereo. It brings all that hard speed rock ‘n roll power we know from heavy acts like Peter Pan Speedrock, Gluecifer or Hellacopters in radiating colors. It is fast paced and proud beer guzzling punk music that’s way rawer and much wider than most punk bands and refuses to go for that choppiness most acts usually do. It is straight forward no nonsense neck breaking enjoyment and one that can be savored many times over. For even though the boys have a knack for short, sweet and tasty powerhouses. They put just enough of creamy licks and wizard guitar moves in them to have you coming back for more and more. I’m gonna eat one of my hats if these guys don’t deliver the goods live as well… Like the pro’s they sound they are…
(Written by JK)


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