donderdag 27 maart 2014

Richie Dagger – Jaded Man

Richie Dagger – Jaded Man
Quadrofoon Records – 2012
Rock, Punk, Psych, Garage
Rated: ****
Named after a song by The Germs. Founded by surviving members from the incredible Dutch formation Hooghwater and the fine Belgian punks The Reactionaires back in 2011. Richie Dagger is actually a reformed and renamed version of Restless Youth, who quickly recorded a fine selection of demo songs called Area51 Sessions in the Eindhoven skate park with the same name. And only a few months after that the time was ripe to record a full-sized debut; which they entitled: Jaded Man. Ten fast paced punk songs that hold their love for the sixties psychedelic garage front and center. With an intense drive and a funky groove these riff powerhouses whirl around you and turn you upside down. And don’t worry; there is still a hint of the Hooghwater beauty in there as well. This is criminally good!
(Written by JK)

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