woensdag 26 maart 2014

Duskhead – Thousand Eyes

Duskhead – Thousand Eyes
Rising Magma Records – 2014
Rock, Stoner, Blues, Southern
Rated: ****
The release date for the second EP Thousand Eyes by Dutch formation Duskhead is approaching fast. And for those of you who have been unaware of said band. The formation is made up out of Jochum van Weert and Rogier Berben who make up the rhythm section of instrumental stoner metal riff monster Tank86. Together with guitar player Joerie Dekker from Sofia Nero and drummer Lars Spijkervet from Horseshoe Sharkattack they released their first self-titled debut in 2013. A ramshackle collection of rowdy rockers. On a Thousand Eyes the boys take a few steps forwards and one or two back. For their highly soulful sound with that extreme accessible take we loved on their debut has been replaced for something much bluesier and rawer. The southern gentleman charisma is still there but changed into something much more swaggering. It starts off with a biker mentality hitting the road looking for some action and continues down the highway full speed. But it’s on Life In A Nutshell they show their prowess best with damn tasty guitar moves and very bad ass worms. And they end with this funky blues bopper that just keeps demanding that foot stomp like you’re down in the bayou somewhere. There’s no escaping the fact: after hearing the new EP; everyone turns into a Duskhead…

(Written by JK)

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  1. Those guys rock!!! Saw them play yesterday at little devil in tilburg... Aaaawesome