woensdag 12 maart 2014

By Maker - I, Frankenstein (OST)

By Maker – I, Frankenstein (OST)
Lakeshore Records – 2014
Rock, Stoner, Industrial, Metal
Rated: ***
Ever wondered what happened to Daniel Davies? The amazing vocalist from Year Long Disaster and even Karma To Burn for a brief moment. Well, he of course released that damn fine EP Hidden Faces back in 2011. But he now resurfaced in a new band called By Maker also featuring Geno Lenardo from Filter. Their first feat of arms is the soundtrack for the movie I, Frankenstein featuring ten of their songs. A few of them are in the vein of what Davies did before and others move more towards a metal and industrial approach, which is surely the influence of Lenardo. But tracks like Misgiving, Trouble and even 1 By 1 and After All to some extent, have that definite Davies signature. But even the other industrial minded songs have this uncanning ability to captivate; once again mostly due to that magic color in Davies’s voice. By Maker, let’s see where this project leads…
(Written by JK)

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