dinsdag 4 februari 2014

Komatsu - Off to conquer Sweden!


Komatsu off to conquer Sweden!

After the release of the awesome Manu Armata album and a successful tour through the Netherlands and hitting the sweet spots of Britain, the Eindhoven quartet Komatsu now heads over to Sweden to conquer the hearts and minds of the heavy music loving community there. Last year has been a troubled but also magnificent year for Komatsu. With the hospitalization of guitarist Mo Truijens the band suffered a setback; but the man returned on stage during a glowing performance on Speedfest. Which was also a highlight in the bands existence thanks to their cover version of Slo Burn’s July; which can be found on the split release Nomen Est Omen with England’s very own Desert Storm. On the Speedfest stage however they were joined by none other than John Garcia… So Sweden? Are you ready for Komatsu? On Thursday they’ll be invading your country starting with Stockholm!

 02-06 Harry B. James / Stockholm
 02-07 Glada Ankan / Karlstad
 02-08 Belsepub / Goteborg
 02-09 Club Adrian / Uddevalla



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