donderdag 27 februari 2014

Eddie Brnabic and The Cosmic Fellowship – Subtle Realms

Eddie Brnabic and The Cosmic Fellowship – Subtle Realms
Self Released – 2013
Psychedelic, Hard Rock, 70s, Hendrix 
Rated: *****
Multi-Task specialist Eddie Brnabic clearly displayed his deft psychedelic touch on the space-tripping Beatitude, an album he wrote and performed solo. In 2013 Brnabic hooked up with The Cosmic Fellowship to deliver an even stronger amplifier meltdown in the form of Subtle Realms. Nothing on this album is new or unique; it’s all been done before, many times in fact. Whatever, let the rock critic elitists have their fun at arguing over such silliness. Brnabic proves once again that he is a masterful musician and capable of taking age-old formulas and injecting them with such vigor and passion that even the most well-worn far-eastern guitar workout sounds fresh and inspired. Subtle Realms opens with a serene landscape of birds, creeks and flute, a proper meditation before Brnbac unleashes his shred monsoon  in the form of the following three tracks, 'Transcendental Wine', 'Throne of Saturn', and 'Still…tripping Through Time'. Face-melters! All of them. Apparently, getting hooked-up with additional bandmates certainly hasn’t placed any less emphasis on Brnbac and his weeping guitar solos. The latter half of the album digs into some heavy experimentation with some more Floydian musings a la Beatitude, some funky breakdown shindigs and dirty dirges like the closer 'Death and Resurrection'. I hope there’s some dive bars out there that elect to play this at last call because it fits the bill. Subtle Realms is better than Beatitude and a fantastic album driven by a fantastic guitar player and any fan of ANY sort of psychedelic hard rock music will easily find enjoyment out of this.
(Written by Matthew McGarity)

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