vrijdag 31 januari 2014

Stoner HiVe's Quick Fire Friday

Stoner HiVe’s Quick Fire Friday

The Stoner HiVe Quick Fire Friday segment will be a weekly feature of a handful of bands and only a small amount of words to help spread their musical prowess… 

Mother of God – Black Ocean

Founded in 2008 the Swedish four-piece named Mother of God uses seventies inspired rock in a totally nineties way. On this incredible seven inch single entitled Black Ocean the two tracks hammer their point none to subtle home: Mother Of God is here to break down your door and rock your interior to pieces! Holly hell; this is good!

Opossum Holler – It Comes In Threes

Hailing from the bloody grounds of Kentucky, Opossum Holler are known for their high octane fast moving rock and soulful moments of dry heat. This is the soundtrack for those stomping ground parties where the bourbon flies through the air and the metal, rock and stoner are only used to let the billy influenced hoedown get even wilder. Shit, you can swing a dead possum around and be sure to hit a biscuit!


Under Static Movement – Bad Hill

The Italian alternative metal band Under Static Movement is one those five-pieces that know exactly what goodness certain metal styles had to offer. And the boys decided to lift exactly those parts and decided to let the rest wither away. Just watch their video for Bad Hill below and be blasted into pieces…

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