zondag 26 januari 2014

Smokin’ Ace – With Honour On Fire Confused

Smokin’ Ace – With Honour On Fire Confused
Self released – 2014
Rock, Stoner, Blues
Rated: ****
They released their first EP Breath back in 2012 and have now returned with a full-sized debut called: With Honour On Fire Confused. We are talking about the Russian trio Smokin’ Ace. A classic power trio that once again knows where the good mustard is stored. They got this hard rocking diesel blues edge that motors their engine straight through the seventies where this bluesy sound was first explored and which they are using with extreme prejudice and a tight screwed stoner twist. A rhythmic bass and steady drums propel the fast trucking force towards great heights and the guitar finishes it off with damn great colorful lines and skinny riffs. Enter the main vocalist: bassist Alex’s voice seems exactly right for their musical color scheme. Which varies a bit to the left or right with each song but never leaves their very own chosen path. They feel when they need to slow down and when they need to speed up. So everyone, get on board with Smokin’ Ace; cause these guys know how to soar through the haze! 
(Written by JK)


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