dinsdag 21 januari 2014

Band In The Pit – Band In The Pit

Band In The Pit – Band In The Pit            
Self Released - 2013
Stoner Rock, Instrumental         
Rated: ***
Let’s kick off 2014 in style the only way HiVer’s know how: with a stoner riff blitzkrieg! Hungary’s Band In The Pit unleashed a daunting mass of heavy instrumental guitar metal in 2013 that required further investigation. (After all, appropriating a guitar head on a picture of a horse as the album cover is a surefire way to draw attention!). Ninety minutes of relentless, down tuned blues riffs are what’s on the docket from these lads. Band In The Pit seem to be trying to strike a balanced medium between the white-hot redneck stomp of Karma to Burn and the more laid back, psychedelic rock musings of Causa Sui and the like. (Toner Low first comes to mind.) The result: an effort that is very consistent front to back with relatively stripped-down arrangements and a production quality that puts guitar front and center. Repetition is a key point of focus for BITP, songs are stretched out across very long stretches, to the point where the movements take on an incredibly thick desert-like atmosphere. Try to imagine if Kyuss ate some peyote and went on a desert pilgrimage with Morricone as their spiritual guide. An hour and a half of this can get rather overwhelming and let’s hope BITP fine tune further offerings into more easily congestible doses. Band In The Pit is recommended for its heavy, smoky, impossibly thick desert atmosphere.
(Written by Matthew McGarity)

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