maandag 2 december 2013

Wooden Nomad – The Sound of Earth

Wooden Nomad – The Sound of Earth
Self released – 2013
Rock, Hard, Grunge, Stoner, Metal, Pop
Rated: ***

The boys from Wooden Nomad have been around the block a few times. Playing in various metal and thrash bands before starting Gargantua in 2011. A year later it was time to record a debut album and the guys found them growing out of their name. So they changed it to Wooden Nomad. They live in Ventura County and headed right through the heart of LA towards the Palm Desert to record their first album The Sound Of Earth. They did this in the Dead End Studios where Brad Garrow member of Brain Vat, Enrage, Ultralord, Wizenfyrebutchenkreped and occasional band mate of Nick Oliveri helped produce a highly eclectic album. Their hard rocking grunge sound borrows elements from stoner in some songs, while others move more towards different genres of metal. But it never looses sight of their ear-pleasing qualities; in the way that they have scream-a-long choruses and a vocalist that definitely has ability, style and emotion. The same goes for the guitar work that masters the great art of gut punching riffs as well as the intensely slaying solos. Heavy on the surprise and with an abundance of eccentric choices this is one king hell of an album; and one that will have you exploring it over and over…

(Written by JK)

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