vrijdag 6 december 2013

Shivas Nat – Hard To Breathe

Shivas Nat – Hard To Breathe
Bilocation Records / Kozmik Artifacts – 2013
Rock, Psych, Seventies
Rated: ***

The Danish foursome Shivas Nat was formed late 2011 and consists of Patrick Lykke Heinsoe (ex-Highway Child) on guitar/vocals and Aleksander Trap-Jensen on drums, Morten Clod-Svensson (ex-Fuzz Manta) on bass and Bjorn Sunesen (Willow’s Tale) on organ and second guitar. Their debut effort Hard To Breathe moves from seventies inspired psychedelic blues rock and garage effortlessly into acid infused soundscapes and far out jam based extravaganzas. They want to move and they want to expand your mind. It’s time for the lava lamps to come out and its time to flower blouses out as well. It’s bluesy, it’s emotive and it sounds like it’s all happening. So get on board, tune in and freak out!

(Written by JK)

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