vrijdag 22 november 2013

Helgamite – Ghosts Of The River Valley

Helgamite – Ghosts Of The River Valley
Lost Apparitions Recors / Self released – 2013
Rock, Sludge, Doom, Stoner, Metal
Rated: ***

Just listen to the opening track Witching Hour of the new album Ghosts Of The River Valley by this Rileyville, VA foursome and you too will immediately be swept away by the dark bluesy doom metal thunder that is Helgamite. After which the band takes a more gothic approach to their sludge and doom while the riffs keep blaring and solos find their way through the screams, howls, growls and screeches. They move back towards dark grey metal and keep their identity hidden as the sounds move through almost every metal genre ever coined. And they do this with a proud attitude and definite aptitude. Just like they did when they smoked out the bees from their HiVe for the Apiarist track. And soon many great moments have passed as the moon sets on their final track Cavernous Heart. After which you just have to go back to that amazing Witching Hour, the time when anything is possible… 

(Written by JK)

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