vrijdag 8 november 2013

Glory Owl – Glory Owl

Glory Owl – Glory Owl
Self released – 2013
Rock, Stoner, Doom, Sludge, Metal
Rated: ****

Bella zio! Hailing from that crazy bordertown Trieste in Italy, the five amici that make up Glory Owl have just released their first self-titled EP. An absolute gem in the stoner and doom genre that excels in aggressive high energy full force metal. The four tracks on this EP serve as a true battering ram. Starting with a massive guitar tone you can hear the thunder approaching and once it arrives; there is little Shelter from this Italian hurricane. And the second track is just as strong as the first one with impressive breaks and attention curveballs. But all that fades in comparison to their third song Gretta. One four and a half minute powerhouse of a song that has it all. With a build up that has you on the edge of your seat they drag you along down to hell as soon as the vocalist starts. And the middle part has this heavy burning guitar color that ignites every last part of your remaining soul. I for one, have a sore arm now from air drumming along… Hottdamn…

(Written by JK)

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  1. This sounds good! I want more glory owl! Haha