vrijdag 6 september 2013

Cops – Cry Now, Cry Later

Cops – Cry Now, Cry Later
Self released – 2013
Doom, Shoegaze, Sludge, Avant-garde
Rated: ***

The honorable sir Harry Cloud has been responsible for quite a few releases that warp your brain and boil your blood. On his latest effort Cops he fuses Doom, Sludge and Shoegaze into something equally disturbing as his Single Mothers effort. This time Cops is a trio comprised of Chlöe Mandel, Harry Cloud and Paul Roessler who was a prominent member of the LA Punk scene in the seventies and eighties. And there is a bit of throwback sound on it that seems to revisit that late-eighties LA sound. But for the most part we get a poetic piece of doomgaze that washes over you in great waves of neuronic displeasure and an angelic voice cruisin the surf. With sudden breaks on the gigantic rocks beneath the surface. So do not try and get your head around this one; just float along and let yourself drown…

(Written by JK)

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