woensdag 18 september 2013

Battles of 1977 – To All Our Cohorts

Battles of 1977 – To All Our Cohorts
Lighttown Fidelity – 2013
Rock, Funk, Punk, Dance, Metal, Stoner
Rated: ****

Recognized all over the world as one of the best bands ever to originate out of the little speck on the map known as The Netherlands, Urban Dance Squad pioneered the crossover genre from 1986 to the turn of the millenium. After which the fella's disbanded and moved in separate directions with singer/rapper moving on to form Junkie XL with Tom Holkenborg, The League of XO Gentlemen and The Servants of The Servants. And now he returns once again on the Battles of 1977 project started by Silkstone founder and guitarist Frans van Essen. On their first five-track release To All Our Cohorts they combine melodic militancy and a provoking retro thought release on a massive abundance of hooks and addictive rhythms. Freedom of sound and conviction which produces something extraordinarily beautiful which still remains too strange or alternative for mass-consumption. I pledge allegiance!

(Written by JK)

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