woensdag 5 juni 2013

The team grows...

Let us introduce...

After last weeks call to arms a few replies rushed through the door; a few hands willing to help out and go for the gusto. The first review by our new fellow HiVer will follow shortly. Here are a few words from Matt! Great to have you on board amigo!

Matthew 'Matt' McGarity

Born and raised in Philadelphia, I used to write a blog called Cheopian Field where I reviewed pretty much whatever I felt like. I work in IT and the hours made keeping the blog up to date were a bitch... Fear not! I'm back on the horse now. I have a passion for heavy music especially stoner, desert, psychedelic and doom (metal)… Just an average Joe preaching the gospel of Iommi...

Welcome Joe! Errr.. I mean Matt!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Bring it on son!!! Welcome to the team Matt.

  2. Welcome aboard Matt! Take your coat off, grab a beer, pull up a chair, stay awhile ...

  3. Thanks! looking forward to the next batch of badass tunes to come through the pipeline!