maandag 3 juni 2013



All hail the new riff in town! Young and old, gather ‘round! Black and white, red and green. It’s the heaviest riff man, the heaviest you’ve ever seen! All hail the new riff in town!

There’s a new and great concept on the horizon to help us filter out the great from the amazing. The absolutely wonderful from the spectacular. And the kings from the kings!

All hail the new riff in town! And all head over to Rocketpick! Subscribe if you are a fan of all that’s good and heavy so you can vote. And if you are playing in an up and coming band; sign up and get some more airplay and attention! It’s all in good fun and it’s all meant to pay homage to the new riff in town…

The first battle of the riffs has commenced…

Head on over and join the fight!

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