donderdag 6 juni 2013

Lovijatar - Hämärän Kulkija

Lovijatar - Hämärän Kulkija
Self released – 2013
Rock, Metal, Folk, Stoner
Rated: ****

Finnish is a difficult language that I know very little even though I speak a few sentences of Hungarian; which are apparently sister languages. My Finnish has never amounted to more than the few words everyone should know in every language. Kippis, Tiistai, Hiero Ankka and ofcourse: ‘Pikku aasi sanoi siili: “älä huoli, en usko, että se oli sama kivi...”’ So it is hard to understand the folk poetry going on, on Lovijatar first album Hämärän Kulkija. It tells the olden tales from Finnish lore, legends and poetry. The same goes for some of the melodies that have been transcribed out of ancient Carelian (a region consisting of Finland and Russia) and Finnish folk requiems. It has a traditional, earnest and significant feeling to it. As if it is a last ditch effort to save something that otherwise would be lost forever. And then there are the flat out impressive riffs; swirling rhythms and stirring vocals. Uskomaton!

(Written by JK)

And Lucas on his amazing Paranoid Hitsophrenic mentions it as well!

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  1. Loving this man! Can't understand anything they're singing; but it is still damn amazing!