donderdag 30 mei 2013

Trucker Diablo – Songs of Iron

Trucker Diablo – Songs of Iron
Ripple Music – 2013
Rock, Hard, Pub, Southern
Rated: ****

These Irish bastards (re)released their first album The Devil Rhythm only a year ago and have now produced a damn fine follow-up called Songs of Iron. We are ofcourse referring to the Trucker Diablo freaks. Another fist full of energetic rock that is in debt to those giants that produced the best of pubrock, hardrock and all those other subgenres that have little or no use for bullshit. With some tasty bourbon swilling, tobacco spitting southern influences the guys do their best to come close to bands like AC/DC, Thin Lizzy and even ZZ Top. The crisp and clear production just explodes out of the speakers and almost every song makes you nod your head and smile as you sip your beer. The only thing left to wish for now is a rickety lawn chair, a sleepy dog, a setting sun and BBQ searing steaks nearby. Never thought it possible for rainy Ireland to produce this kind of steamy and sizzling rock…

(Written by JK)

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