zaterdag 20 april 2013

Roadburn – 2013 – Friday

Roadburn – 2013 – Friday

A little rain never hurt anyone. And with the knowledge that the sun would be doing its thing for sure on Saturday the little drizzle Friday morning felt exactly right. With a small beer we planned the day ahead and soon after headed to Patronaat for Kadavar. We’ve been digging their albums but have not been blown away by them. On stage is an entirely different deal. From start to finish one massive seventies whirlwind storm. With a genuine ‘Animal’ on drums and an electric voice. Impressive. And judging from the reactions in the audience; everyone agreed. The main stage seemed a bit too big for the sound of Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats. But after the first song the band improved considerably. Even so, Hexvessel could not be missed. And a good decision it was. Then came Les Discrets. Insanely skilled and incredibly humble. A few minutes of the old geezers from The Pretty Things. And then Electric Wizard. Close your eyes and drift away or be hypnotized by their background images and miss half of the music. And just as expected a gigantic line outside to get into the Patronaat for Goat. Well; we’ll go slaughter one ourselves and eat some greasy kebab or just drink a few more pints. And on record store day Saturday the program will prove to be even more difficult and awesome… On to Tilburg!!!

Photo's by JJ. Koczan from The Obelisk

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